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My hands are my life (massage therapist). Dr. Saucedo is so caring and explains everything. 2 years after surgery, you can't even find my scar! Excellent care-in fact he called me personally the day after surgery!!

- Cindi Lombardi in TX

Great Dr. We travel from south tx to san antonio cause no dr here ws able to help my father in law wth his issue. Dr saucedo has done all his surgeries and we have seen an improvement on him. Very patient and explains everything.

- La Feria

Dr. Saucedo is truly an amazing doctor. Treated us with great compassion and kindness. My son felt comfortable right away. My son's has restored all function to his hand I would definitely recommend him! Excellent care!!

- Christina A in San Antonio, TX

Dr. Saucedo is an amazing physician and surgeon. I am a student-dentist and was extremely worried about my future. After surgery, the pain went away COMPLETELY and I was even able to start working out again. Dr. Saucedo is a godsend and thanks to him, I still have a future in dentistry.

- Joshua Mijares in San Antonio

Dr Saucedo is one of the finest doctors I have ever dealt with. He knows his expertise and share is it openly just exactly what you need to hear when you're having serious and surgery and it affects your livelihood. I thank him and Dr. Gibson for being so kind and caring. Everyone in his office and in his surgical unit our top shelf in every respect thank you again. Your front office girl Susie I think it is the best.

- Vernasue Sisley